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Автор Тема: ABS Brake Problems  (Прочитано 200 раз)


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ABS Brake Problems
« : 25 Май 2018, 19:55:29 »

The NTSB is investigating, I believe, 43 incidents of Harley ABS failures.
Harley has stated that they believe the problem is that riders are not following the service recommendation of changing brake fluids every two years.
I understand the fluids are hydroscopic, so I do replace mine every couple of years, but I have to wonder if this isn't a cop-out on Harley's part.
Why can't they install brake components that are more reliable? People with autos don't replace their brake fluids every two years. In fact, I bet if I checked ten year old cars, the original brake fluid is still in service.
Do BMW's, Goldwings and other bikes with ABS suffer the same problems?

Please help.

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