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События / Seahawks on tape: Seattle’s offense should keep this Darrell Bevell play
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There’s excitement and intrigue surrounding the Seattle Seahawks’ new offensive coaching staff. After all http://www.seahawkscheapshops.com/cheap-authentic-tom-johnson-jersey , the arrivals of Brian Schottenheimer and Mike Solari bring much-needed new technique, ideas and designs.But what if I told you there is a play that the Seahawks must keep from the Darrell Bevell-Tom Cable era? I’m sure a few of you would call me mad. Others would groan. And perhaps some of you would be more receptive? To those muttering that I’m “making less sense than the rumors Seattle tried to trade a 2019 second for Jacoby Brissett”; let me convince you. To the people reading this thinking “this guy is a moron”; please put away the Recovery WaterTM and hear me out. The ContextJimmy Graham departing in free agency saw the Seahawks lose 10 touchdowns. All his scores came from inside the red-zone, and it’s an understatement to call the tight end a massive departure.Graham was the only man keeping Seattle’s red-zone offense to a semblance of functionality, with the run game being utterly pitiful. Football Outsiders measured the red-zone rushing attack as the worst since the 2007 Rams and the second worst since FO’s records began in 1987. Taking away the contributions of Tyler Lockett and Russell Wilson, Seahawks running backs had just 17 yards from 34 redzone carries. Narrowing that down to inside the 10 it gets even worse. On 20 rushes, they had -3 yards!!! Despite the incredibly small sample size of the pre-season, Seattle has still managed to add concern; It still feels like the run game might struggle in such scenarios, given Chris Carson’s back-to-back red-zone fumbles on the 1-yard-line against the Chargers.In 2017. Bevell finally made consistent efforts to isolate Graham one-on-one down near the goal-line. After abandoning such an approach following Wilson’s early struggles connecting with Graham on over-the-shoulder fades, the coordinator thankfully schemed to get Graham and Russ easily winnable matchups. One way Bevell achieved this was via an empty set, pre-snap motion to a quads formation.The playAllow me to set the scene. The Seahawks are looking to put their Week 12 game out of the San Francisco 49ers’ reach. They lead 14-6 at the start of the fourth quarter. Faced with a 2nd and 1 on the 1-yard-line, with a run unsurprisingly stuffed, the offense shows the effect of this passing design. They line up in a shotgun empty set via 11 personnel. J.D. McKissic is split out wide to the trips side, Graham to the twins. Pre-snap, Tyler Lockett motions from the weakside slot to the strongside. This movement is followed by the defensive back over him—safety Eric Reid. As explained in the last Seahawks on tape, this is a clear coverage indicator for Wilson.Now knowing the defense is in man, Wilson’s first read becomes the totally isolated Graham. Graham wins the inside from cornerback Ahkello Witherspoon by pressing outside in his release. Knowing pre-snap where to throw the ball, Wilson quickly fires to the right and connects with the tight end for the slant touchdown. The second nearest 49er is defensive end Solomon Thomas. At the second level, it is spying linebacker Brock Coyle who is nowhere near after shifting to the strongside B-gap. No San Francisco defender has a chance here. To the quads side, Seattle had Lockett run a simple route into the flat, with the other three receivers setting pick routes to create separation for the motion man’s route. There are numerous ways to layer off this motion play. We’ll keep it relatively simple for now. If the motion from Lockett was not followed, the Seahawks would have had a +1 advantage to the quads side, with four receivers versus three defenders. (This is especially advantageous to the perimeter, where no linebacker can make an extraordinary play pursuing outside.) Lockett’s route into the flat would have been wide open thanks to the picks. A similar concept would be running a bubble screen with Lockett, which is made very possible by this look.Seattle no longer has Jimmy Graham?!At this point, it is fair to question: but Seattle no longer has Jimmy Graham?That’s a painful truth, particularly given they only figured out how to make the most of his skillset in the last year of his deal. However, re-introducing this play would be no shotgun wedding. Instead this is still the perfect marriage for the Seahawks, based on the natural harmony this year’s roster would have with the play—rather than being a bad fit. Seattle has numerous big-bodied receivers who have shown an ability to box defensive backs out—like Nick Vannett this pre-season. The key to Brandon Marshall making his living has been his ability to stack defensive backs, something Jaron Brown shines too. In short: the Seahawks still have talent that can thrive in 1v1, close-quarters circumstances. Lockett supposedly has his rookie speed back, but if Seattle wanted a different player in the motion role Rashaad Penny fits nicely—given his burst, physicality and ability to transition from runner to receiver swiftly.The Seahawks can also line up in this empty set with their 12 (one running back, two tight ends) or 22 personnel (two running backs, two tight ends). Both Will Dissly and Tre Madden would make excellent lead blockers for the screen. As previously stated, Nick Vannett can be the isolated target. Encouraging SignsThere have been encouraging signs from training camp, where more scheme is revealed than the putrid pre-season. Schottenheimer has continued Seattle’s 2017 trend of manufacturing 1v1 matchups.Check out this Amara Darboh touchdown:Here’s what I tweeted at the time: “Seattle continuing to get isolation via motion for bigger targets, even with JG gone. Crucial at the GL.”The motion—in what looks like an empty backfield—sees Darboh left 1v1. He boxes the cornerback out and catches the back-shoulder fade.The EvolutionThe NFL’s quest for omniscience when it comes to scheme means that constant evolution is an absolute necessity for teams. There is a wrinkle the Seahawks can add to this look to make it even more effective.Essentially Cheap Michael Dickson Jersey , it would make the play fruitful no matter what the defensive call. It would be a true ‘pick your poison’ situation. However, this addition requires a leap of faith for the Seahawks. The NFL is terrified of directly running the most valuable position. QB runs conjure up images of RGIII’s horror injury—despite that being non-contact.Even the Panthers, who rely on Cam Newton’s superhuman toughness, have a relatively bland quarterback run scheme.I’m here to tell the Seahawks they can run Wilson safely and creatively from the same motion-to-quads look. This Run-Pass Option borrows from one of the top college football innovators, Nebraska head coach Scott Frost. If teams reacted to the empty-set motion by having a linebacker shift out, while leaving a safety over the isolated receiver for double coverage, then Wilson could run up the middle. Such a run is easy to block, given that it would be rushing into a five or four-man box, with five blockers—including a lead block courtesy of the skip-puller. The RPO read would be a double one:1. Motion readMotion followed? Yes - throw to the isolated receiver. Motion followed? No - move on to read 2.2. Linebacker leverage readIf the linebacker is outside the box, run behind the pulling tackle. If the linebacker is inside the box, throw to the motion man.Wilson would be running behind the Seahawks’ best offensive linemen in Duane Brown. Brown would take out the second level defender and allow his quarterback to enter the end-zone untouched. It’s getting more players to the point of attack. It’s money.Skip-pulling Brown does rely on Wilson being able to outrun the defensive end, but that shouldn’t be an issue. The play could also be run without the pulling tackle.This added layer would maximize the defensive stress, putting them in a strong bind.Am I a Madman?So: am I mad? Or did I successfully explain why Seattle should keep this call in the playbook as a -10 play? (Get involved in the comments section below)Running the play with Wilson means the Seahawks have a near-guaranteed triumph. Diagnosing the defense is made simple by the spread formation and pre-snap motion. All Wilson has to do is process quickly and then pick the correct option. This is a way to pick up the touchdown rather than settling for the field goal. If Seattle’s running struggles continue inside the 20, they must be creative to achieve favorable matchups. That training camp play was promising because it showed the Seahawks are installing similar concepts. But having a triple-tiered threat featuring the same isolation concept would be even more deadly.Brian Schottenheimer, take note.NFC West Watch - Week 3: Rams win again, 49ers lose Garoppolo, Cardinals just lose As most of us expected, the Los Angeles Rams have seized early control of the NFC West, but they have been hit with some key injuries to that vaunted defense. It’s much worse news for the San Francisco 49ers, who won’t have Jimmy Garoppolo for the rest of the season, while the Arizona Cardinals are hoping they don’t have to go back to Sam Bradford for another minute of what is turning out to be a truly miserable season. Here’s a recap of how the Seattle Seahawks’ rivals fared in Week 3 of the 2018 NFL season.Kansas City Chiefs 38 San Francisco 49ers 27Photo by Peter Aiken/Getty ImagesThe unbeaten Chiefs jumped on San Francisco early, and Kyle Shanahan’s group just had too much work to do. Patrick Mahomes threw for 300+ yards, three touchdowns, no turnovers, and just all-around brilliance from the first-year starter.Mahomes will likely have to remain brilliant because that Chiefs defense is absolutely awful, but they are by far the most exciting team to watch right now. The 49ers certainly were also masters of their own demise, committing 14 penalties for 147 yards, as well as going just 2-9 on third-down conversions.We know of course about the unfortunate torn ACL for Jimmy Garoppolo, but they’ll also be without Richard Sherman for a couple of weeks due to a calf strain. By the way, was this pass interference or just brilliant defending by Sherm?Chicago Bears 16 Arizona Cardinals 14Photo by Jennifer Stewart/Getty ImagesOnce upon a time, Sam Bradford was 4/5 for 92 yards and a pair of touchdown passes, and the 0-2 Cardinals were shockingly up 14-0 on the Bears. Bradford to the bench? Don’t be silly. ...Then Bradford proceeded to go 9/14 for 65 yards, 2 interceptions and a lost fumble, courtesy of another Khalil Mack strip-sack. That 14-3 halftime lead turned into a 16-14 Bears advantage, as Chicago capitalized on all of Bradford’s mistakes. Steve Wilks pulled the plug on Bradford, inserted Josh Rosen for a game-winning drive opportunity in his first career appearance. Unfortunately for Josh, he threw an interception on 4th down K.J. Wright Jersey , one play after Arizona pulled David Johnson from the game over a supposed failed blitz pick-up, so their best player was on the sideline for a critical 3rd and 2. Backup RB Chase Edmonds got the carry and lost three yards. Related: Offensive coordinator Mike McCoy has been fired twice since the beginning of 2017.Rosen did get one last chance at glory, but Vic Fangio dialed up a blitz on a Hail Mary attempt and this resulted in a sack. I think more teams should do this, but maybe that’s just me.Wilks has already decided to start Rosen this weekend, and it would take some doing for him to be worse than this version of Bradford, who may have finally run out of absurd paydays based on his 2010 potential.Los Angeles Rams 35 Los Angeles Chargers 23 Photo by Harry How/Getty ImagesThe Battle of Los Angeles was actually quite entertaining, but Gus Bradley’s defense could only muster one punt out of that juggernaut Rams offense, which racked up 33 first-downs and 521 yards, with Jared Goff throwing for 354 yards and three touchdowns. The Chargers did a terrible job of taking advantage of two turnovers, going three-and-out after a Todd Gurley fumble on the opening possession, then giving up a blocked punt for a touchdown after Derwin James picked off Jared Goff but was down at his own 1. I don’t know how the Chargers are this bad on special teams every year.One name to keep an eye on is Mike Williams, one of the 145 wide receivers with the same name, but this one might actually be good. He missed a good chunk of his rookie season due to injury, but he roasted the Rams for 4 catches, 81 yards, and 2 touchdowns. This Chargers defense might be struggling without Joey Bosa, but the offense is still dangerous. This Rams win moved them to 3-0, albeit at the expense of both starting cornerbacks Marcus Peters and Aqib Talib. We know that Talib is out for at least a month with a high-ankle sprain, whereas Peters’ calf injury might force him to miss the Rams’ trip to Seattle. As dangerous as that defensive line may be, depleted secondary depth hurt Los Angeles last season, and that could still be the case this season if both are out for several weeks. Meanwhile, reports that left tackle Andrew Whitworth underwent knee surgery appear to be false, at least according to Whitworth.Even with a depleted secondary, this Rams team is just so stacked that they probably will be able to win shootouts should the defense suffer significantly. That said, a short week against the Minnesota Vikings could be a tricky matchup, and if they lose that one and the Seahawks defeat Arizona... Seattle could be playing for first-place in the division on October 7th. A man can dream, right? NFC West StandingsRams (3-0, 1-0 div)49ers (1-2, 0-0 div)Seahawks (1-2, 0-0 div)Cardinals (0-3, 0-1 div)Next Week’s ScheduleVikings at Rams (5:20 PM PT, FOX - Thursday Night Football)49ers at Chargers (1:25 PM PT, CBS)Seahawks at Cardinals (1:05 PM PT, FOX)
Курилка / Re: Жена
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Не давать деньги, чтобы играла ;D
Курилка / Re: Мультфильмы
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Мотокурилка / Re: Досуг
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Не знаю ни одного человека, который стал успешным от азартных играх, кроме долгов ;D
Новичкам / Re: Хранение мотоциклов в Челябинске ChelActive.ru
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Возможно, это настоящая вещь, о которой сказал владелец.
Отчеты / Re: Эндуро-Кыштым
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Не удивляйтесь моему любимому сайту, потому что у него много хорошей информации.
Отчеты / Re: Кваркуш. С запада на восток. (25-27.06.2015)
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Как будто я нашел эту историю и в Интернете.
События / Jets vs. Broncos: Anatomy of a defensive bust
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When a defense busts an assignment Youth Spencer Long Jersey , it provokes anger and outrage from fans. These guys are handsomely compensated professionals. How can they just blow an assignment?This was a popular refrain last week as we examined the Jets’ loss to Jacksonville. On many levels, the complaints ring true. The NFL has the best football players in the world. These players have a job, and it is to execute. Their opponents are also very talented paid quite well to execute, though. And complex plays are necessary to beat opponents of such high caliber. Complexity can lead to errors.The Jets aren’t the only team to make these errors. Take what happened to the Broncos in the third quarter of Sunday’s game.Defensive play calls are complicated by their very nature. A defense has no idea whether the opponent will run the ball or throw the ball before a play is run. Therefore, the defensive playcall must provide assignments for both possibilities.On this play, to defend the run, the Broncos have seven defenders committed to stopping the run. They are each assigned one of the seven gaps in the Jets’ formation. A gap is the space between blockers up front.Against the pass Authentic Trumaine Johnson Jersey , the Broncos are playing man to man coverage. The most notable pass assignment is number 29 Bradley Roby matched up against Quincy Enunwa.Enunwa is sent in motion, and this starts a chain of events that leads to disaster for Denver. Roby follows him.Darian Stewart (number 26) makes a signal with his hand telling Roby to stop following Enunwa. It is difficult to follow a receiver in motion across the formation. As you can see above, Roby is behind Enunwa. The Jets could snap it quickly, and Roby would be out of position.Stewart is essentially saying to Roby, “Stay where you are. We are switching assignments. I will now have Enunwa in man coverage.”Taking Enunwa means that Stewart will no longer be able to help against the run. To compensate for this, two linebackers shift over. Brandon Marshall slides over to take Stewart’s old gap, while Josey Jewell slides over to take Marshall’s old gap. (Old gaps are in pink; new gaps are in yellow.)You can see the new gap assignments here. (Marshall’s and Jewell’s changed assignments are in yellow.)You might notice a problem here. The gap between Kelvin Beachum and Eric Tomlinson is unoccupied. Roby did not get the message and continued to follow Enunwa. That was Jewell’s old gap. When Jewell slid over Youth Sam Darnold Jersey , Roby was supposed to take it.Here’s what the assignment looks like with a lifelike illustration of Roby filling that gap.Stewart was supposed to take over for Roby covering Enunwa man to man. Marshall was supposed to slide to take Stewart’s gap against the run. Jewell was supposed to slide to take Marshall’s gap against the run. Roby was supposed to release Enunwa and take Jewell’s gap against the run.Everybody got the message except Roby, which left a gap undefended.The Jets were quite happy to run the ball into this undefended area.Isaiah Crowell ripped off a 54 yard gain.It is easy for fans to forget there are two teams on the field. A week ago, Jets fans were understandably upset with their defense for all of the blown defensive assignments. Part of the story, however, was that the Jaguars deserved credit for making the Jets pay. Just because the defense messes up doesn’t mean the offense will automatically create a big play. On the same note, the Jets deserve credit here for making Denver pay for a mistake. The Broncos bust this play, but the Jets also block up front very well Youth Spencer Long Jersey , and Crowell runs with speed and authority to prevent Denver from covering for its error.In here there is also a lesson about why teams use presnap motion. It frequently forces the defense to adjust its assignments quickly before the snap. That requires quick and effective communication in a high stress setting. It only takes one person to miss the message for disaster to strike.(The motion has another impact. Had the Broncos executed better, the Jets still would have created more favorable matchups against Denver’s defense. If the Jets threw, a safety would be one on one against Enunwa. Against the run, a corner would have to defend rather than a safety.)You might now understand why offenses like Kansas City utilize so many complex presnap motions. The more the defense has to adjust, the greater the odds of a bust.Jets Week 4 Anti-Game Ball: The Defense After each Jets loss, it is our sad duty to give out an anti-game ball to a person or people whose poor performance merits special distinction.For the second consecutive week, there were such wholesale problems that I am awarding it to an entire group. Last week I gave the anti-game ball to everybody. This week the offense’s performance was anti-game ball worthy. Ultimately Authentic Morris Claiborne Jersey , though, it isn’t difficult to understand why a unit with limited personnel and a rookie quarterback would look hopeless against arguably the best defense in the NFL.What isn’t so easy to figure is how the Jets defense was so thoroughly beaten by a Jacksonville offense that doesn’t look terribly imposing on paper. On defense the Jets have the second most cap space in the league dedicated to the cornerback position, three recent first round picks, a recent second round pick, and a relatively expensive free agent linebacker. Defense is supposed to carry this team. Instead we got a performance where the Jets allowed the Jaguars to score every time they touched the ball in the first half. We saw busted coverage after busted coverage.The Jets aren’t going to beat anybody when their defense plays like that. That’s why the defense gets my anti-game ball this week.
События / Who won the battle between Jalen Ramsey and Tyreek Hill?
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One of the mini-stories from the Jacksonville Jaguars game against the Kansas City Chiefs was the battle between Chiefs wide receiver Tyreek Hill and Jaguars corner Jalen Ramsey. The two had a little back and forth through the media leading up to the game Cheap Cam Robinson Jersey , taking some playful shots at one another.So how did the match up actually go?“I felt like I did pretty well – really well to be honest,” Ramsey said after the game when asked how he thought he did against Hill. “I held my own. But, it doesn’t matter.”I didn’t think Ramsey would actually cover Hill one-on-one all that much, let alone shadow him the whole game. From initial watch, that didn’t happen but Ramsey did end up playing straight up on Hill quite a few times and the results ended up with about two receptions for about 40ish yards. Hill ended the day with four receptions for 61 yards, which included a 36-yard reception getting behind Ramsey after beating the jam.“Yeah I was Cheap Jalen Ramsey Jersey ,” Hill said about his match up after the game. “I love a challenge no matter who it is I’m always going to step up to the plate. I’m going to win some, he’s going to win some. We’re both pros, that’s what it’s about.”All in all, Hill’s impact on the game was limited considerably more than it was in his previous games this season, but he did catch him over the top one time. Ramsey had some other plays where he jammed Hill out of the play on some timing passes down the field, but overall I think it ended up being a wash on the day.“No issue Youth Andrew Norwell Jersey ,” Ramsey said when asked if he spoke with Hill after the game or if he had issues with him. “Tyreek and I are cool. I’ve been a Tyreek fan since he came in. Last week, I was surprised at his words. And, then when I talked to him after the game, he was like, ‘I said you were great.’ But, everyone knows what he kind of said. So Cheap Dede Westbrook Jersey , I had to take a shot back at him. But you know, I respect him as a player.”It was a fun match up to watch and Hill is a dangerous player that can take the top off the defense at any moment. It should be an interesting match up in the playoffs.Will a thin group of running backs hurt Leonard Fournette in the playoffs? Last season, the Jacksonville Jaguars saw a resurgence in their run game for the first time in years and it led — in part — to the most success this franchise has had in nearly two decades.Granted, rookie running back Leonard Fournette finished the season with just 3.9 yards per carry, despite the fact he literally faced eight or more defenders in the box every other attempt.Now, when I say the Jaguars’ running back group is “thin” I don’t mean devoid of talent. Both T.J. Yeldon and Corey Grant are good players who fit solid roles within this team and can definitely shoulder some of the burden. But with Chris Ivory gone Cheap Ronnie Harrison Jersey , the Jaguars could keep just three running backs on the 53-man roster and that could mean a higher-than-normal workload for Fournette. How will that affect the run game if (when) the Jaguars go into the playoffs?This week, we’re taking a look at several aspects of this year’s Jaguars team with the help of Football Outsider’s Andrew Potter who was kind enough to explain why Fournette’s playoff production has little to no correlation to his regular season production.Regular season vs. playoffsPlayerCarriesReg. Season DVOAPlayoff DVOAPlayerCarriesReg. Season DVOAPlayoff DVOAWhat do you think? Will Fournette be fine for the Jaguars’ playoff run in 2018?Let us know in the comments below!
Куплю-Продам / EAGAN Minn.Everson Griffen was back at practice with the
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Minnesota Vikings for the first time in almost six weeks, a significant point of progress in returning to his spot at right defensive end and re-establishing his pass-rushing and run-stopping skills in a game setting for the NFC North leaders.The first and most important step, though, was Minnesota Vikings Customized Jerseys acknowledging his need for mental health treatment in the tough-guy environment of football that has long fostered a mindset of powering through a problem.More Vikings coverageVikings coordinators: Defending Brees, Holton Hill’s role, a Minneapolis Miracle story and moreWATCH: The second annual Minnesota Sports AwardsVikings welcome Everson Griffen back to practiceVikings captain Griffen returns to team activitiesVikings Snap Counts: Rookie Hill shines with Rhodes ailing“Sometimes you’ve just got to put your pride aside and know when enough is enough. Sometimes you’ve got to take it upon yourself and know when enough is enough and when you can’t handle it,” Griffen said.Griffen was a full participant in the workout on Wednesday afternoon, but coach Mike Zimmer said the decision about whether he’d play for the Vikings (4-2-1) on Sunday night against New Orleans would be made at the end of the week. Stephen Weatherly has started in Griffen’s place at right end for the past five games.“I feel good. I was able to work out and do the things I have to do, but playing this game of football, it requires more than just working out,” Griffen said. “You’ve got to push somebody, hit somebody, get your timing back.”Though Griffen’s reintegration with the defense will be gradual, his welcome by the team was not.“It felt great to see my guys, man. I love each and every one of my teammates, and it was just good to see the smiles on their face,” said Griffen, who was taken by ambulance to a hospital on Sept. 22 after a scary series of incidents around the Twin Cities when he threatened violence in a hotel lobby and made repeated comments about people trying to kill him.“I had a lot of support from my family, the Minnesota Vikings, the doctors, my teammates, the fans, and you know I want to give my apologizes to people I impacted. I’m sorry if I affected them in any type of way,” Griffen said.7View Gallery Gallery:Upon Further Review: Vikings at JetsNoah K. Murray | USA TODAY Sports“I’m just excited to get back here with my team and get back to the grind of things. It’s been hard to be away, but I’m happy to be back. It’s a good feeling right now, and I’m taking one day at a time and one thing at a time to get things back on track.”Vikings general manager Rick Spielman said the organization was in communication with Griffen’s medical team throughout his hiatus, relying on the professional recommendations regarding his return.“This is an illness,” Zimmer said, “and he’s done a good job of helping to get better and continues to try to get better. He is probably going to have to continue to do that, just like we all have to do in life.”Griffen politely declined to discuss in detail his treatment plan or specific issues Minnesota Vikings T-Shirts , but said he’d do so in the future to use his public platform as way to positively influence the millions of Americans who struggle with some form of mental illness.“You need to ask for help. You need to go out there and find a good support team and do the right things to be able to take care of yourself,” Griffen said.Seeking and maintaining a work-life balance was a daily goal that Griffen frequently mentioned during a 10-minute session with reporters, his first such appearance since playing at Green Bay on Sept. 16 in the second game of the season.“I learned a lot about the man outside of football. I had a lot of time to reflect on my life and where I want to go and the decisions I made,” he said.Make no mistake, though: Being back in the meeting rooms and on the practice field with the Vikings was a cathartic experience.“It was awesome, man. Just getting back to life in general, driving my car, doing all the little things,” Griffen said. “You’ve got to appreciate the little things in life.” MINNEAPOLIS The Minnesota Vikings screamed at Stefon Diggs to step out of bounds once he secured the leaping catch at the sideline, seeking to stop the clock for a long field goal try just after the New Orleans Saints had taken a late lead in their NFC divisional-round playoff game last season.Diggs spun around instead, pressed his hand on the turf to keep his balance and sprinted the remaining 34 yards for the game-ending 61-yard touchdown pass that became known as the Minneapolis Miracle.More Vikings coverageVikings cornerback Rhodes on track to return against LionsVikings Snap Counts: Griffen splits time with Weatherly in returnDifficult stretch ahead for Vikings, but Zimmer is ‘encouraged’Upon Further Review: Vikings vs. SaintsPHOTOS: Vikings vs. SaintsThat throw-catch-run will forever be one of the most memorable plays in NFL history.With the Saints set to visit the Vikings on Sunday night in a prime-time reprise of their instant classic, the coaches and players on both sides were trying their best to forget it as inevitable as the replays have been throughout the week.“We’ll just have to deal with watching that last play again another 15 times, another 20 times, but that’s part of it,” said Saints coach Sean Payton, who sounded more disturbed by a failure by his offense to convert a third-and-1 on the previous drive that would have further limited the time the Vikings had to rally.If Saints safety Marcus Williams had tackled Diggs instead of trying an ill-fated undercut, the story of that game would have been about yet another comeback engineered by Drew Brees.“We did everything we could at the end of that game to go win it, and unfortunately they made a great play that allowed them to win it,” Brees said. “So I let it go pretty quick. I guess it wasn’t meant to be.”Though he remains a promising second-year player, Williams has had a hard time handling his infamy.“It’s another game,” he repeated each time the subject was broached by reporters this week.Even Diggs ducked the media this week. As for the revenge factor? The Saints dismissed that as fast as Diggs raced to the end zone that day. The Vikings did, too.“I think the Saints will come in with a chip on their shoulder because that’s who they are,” Vikings coach Mike Zimmer said.Here are some other key angles to follow for the game:BRILLIANT BREESAt age 39, Brees has completed better than 77 percent of his passes this season for 1,870 yards, 13 touchdowns and no interceptions. In beating the Baltimore Ravens last week, Brees became the fourth player in NFL history with 500 or more career touchdown passes.The Vikings might be without top cornerback Xavier Rhodes, which could mean a big test for rookie Holton Hill.“I’m really not worried about this guy as far as the game being too big for him or anything like that if he has to play,” Zimmer said of Hill. “I feel like he’s a competitor. But he’s going to get in some matchups that may not be great.”10View Gallery Gallery:Top Tweets: Vikings' Thielen sports 'Waterboy' inspired cleatsTHE BASICSWith the whiff by Williams at the worst possible time as a prime example https://www.minnesotavikingsshop.com/hats , there’s no defensive skill more vital than tackling. The Vikings have been burned more than usual this season in pass coverage, but they’ve been sound on the ground with an average of 89.7 rushing yards allowed per game. With cornerback Trae Waynes, safety Harrison Smith and linebacker Eric Kendricks among the standouts, the Vikings have some of the surest tacklers in the league.“In today’s NFL, the way everybody’s playing in space now, if you’re not a good tackler in space it makes it really hard to be a good defensive team,” Zimmer said.GOING FOR ITThe Saints have run a fourth-down offensive play eight times in six games, converting seven.“That gives us confidence when you’ve got a coach that believes in his players,” running back Alvin Kamara said. “It’s cool to have that type of coach where he gives us opportunities to prove ourselves.”The Vikings have stopped four of the seven fourth-down plays against them. During their current three-game winning streak, they’ve thwarted 28 of 32 third downs and reclaimed the top spot in the league with a 23.4 percent conversion rate allowed.7View Gallery Gallery:Upon Further Review: Vikings at JetsNoah K. Murray | USA TODAY SportsHILL’S ASCENTLast season, the Saints began to experiment with third-string quarterback Taysom Hill‘s versatility by letting him cover kicks. This year, he has on several short-yardage occasions replaced Brees under center as a change-of-pace, read-option quarterback. Hill also has executed fake punts as a runner and a thrower, caught a pass and even took his first pitch as a running back last week.“He’s powerful. He’s got speed,” Kamara said. “I love having him. I wouldn’t want him to be nowhere else.”TEDDY TALKBetween Brees and Hill on the depth chart is Teddy Bridgewater, who was acquired in a trade with the New York Jets two months ago. Though he’s not likely to see the field, this will be Bridgewater’s first visit to Minnesota as an opponent after playing his first four seasons for the Vikings.“He’s got a lot of really good traits. You can tell he’s a guy that guys really like and will follow, and that’s what you need at the quarterback position,” Brees said.If Bridgewater had not suffered that devastating knee injury in 2016, he’d probably still be the face of the franchise in Minnesota instead of Kirk Cousins.“Like I’ve said a million times, I thought he’d be the quarterback for the rest of my career,” Zimmer said. “I love the kid. I love his nature, competitiveness, everything about him.”12View Gallery Gallery:PHOTOS: Vikings at JetsBrad Penner-USA TODAY Sports | Brad Penner—VIKINGS-SAINTS CAPSULESunday, 8:20 p.m. EDT, NBCOPENING LINE Vikings by 2RECORD VS. SPREAD New Orleans 4-2, Minnesota 4-2-1SERIES RECORD Vikings lead 22-11LAST MEETING Vikings beat Saints 29-24 in NFC divisional playoff game, Jan. 14, 2018LAST WEEK Saints beat Ravens 24-23; Vikings beat Jets 37-17AP PRO32 RANKING Saints No. 4, Vikings No. 5SAINTS OFFENSE OVERALL (6) Minnesota Vikings Hoodie , RUSH (16), PASS (6).SAINTS DEFENSE OVERALL (17), RUSH (1), PASS (28).VIKINGS OFFENSE OVERALL (13), RUSH (27), PASS (7).VIKINGS DEFENSE OVERALL (11), RUSH (5), PASS (16).STREAKS, STATS AND NOTES Vikings have 14-3 all-time record in Minnesota against Saints, including win in playoffs last season on last-second 61-yard TD reception by Stefon Diggs. Vikings also beat Saints 29-19 in 2017 opener. … Saints QB Drew Brees became fourth player in NFL history last week in win at Baltimore with 500 career TD passes, joining Peyton Manning, Brett Favre and Tom Brady. … In last four games against Vikings, Brees has nine TDs, no interceptions, average of 308 passing yards and 120.7 passer rating. … Brees leads league with 77.3 completion percentage and 121.6 passer rating, with no interceptions and 13 TDs in 220 attempts. … Saints RB Alvin Kamara is one of two players in league, next to Giants RB Saquon Barkley, with at least 350 rushing and receiving yards. … Saints WR Michael Thomas, who had two TD catches against Vikings in playoffs last season, is third in league with 53 receptions. He leads NFL in catch percentage (91.4). … CB Eli Apple, acquired in trade with Giants, joins struggling pass coverage that has allowed 13 TDs with only two interceptions. … Vikings QB Kirk Cousins has seven TDs and no interceptions with average of 323 passing yards in two career games against Saints, both with Washington. … Cousins is fifth in league with 70.0 completion percentage. … Vikings WR Adam Thielen leads NFL with 67 catches, on pace to break Marvin Harrison’s all-time record, and 822 receiving yards. With 100-yard game against Saints, Thielen would tie Calvin Johnson with league record eighth straight. … Diggs has 13 catches, 230 yards and three TDs in two career games against Saints. … Vikings DE Danielle Hunter tied with Rams DT Aaron Donald for league lead with eight sacks. … Fantasy tip: Since returning from suspension, Saints RB Mark Ingram has 28 rushing attempts and five passing targets. Kamara has 23 rushing attempts and five passing targets in those two games.
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